比如说去看演唱会。今年去看了好几个演唱会。美国乐团One Republic,韩国吉他天才Sungha Jung和苏格兰的Franz Ferdinand全都没有错过,逼近以前读书时错过的东西实在是太多了。

再比如说,今年和朋友有过两次road trip。一次是去停泊岛,一次是去槟岛。很久都没有和朋友去旅游了,直到今年。





再比如说,今年成功结束大学生涯,顺顺利利地毕业了。参加毕业典礼的感觉怪怪的,又分欢喜,但就是不知道少了什么,因该是当时有点紧张吧。不过话说回来,这次倒有点可惜,因为时间的关系,典礼结束后错过了和course mate合照的机会。一生人就毕业那一次,到最后来还是错过了和朋友的毕业照。 



Life is like a unsolved jigsaw puzzle. We look for the missing pieces everyday when we are 'moving on' with life. We look and look, and there are a lot of pieces that we are looking for. We have pieces like opportunities, we have wealth, we have love, we have friends, we have jobs and we have all sorts of pieces everywhere. We all know that it is not easy to find the right piece for our own puzzle, because there are just too much missing pieces and there are a lot of pieces that seems like fitting in but doesn't. We pick it up, we fit them in. If it doesn't fit in, we move one and look for another piece. It's is not an easy job to solve this big puzzle, it is a tedious job. Nonetheless, for the perfect masterpiece, finding the right puzzle piece for your life is definitely worthwhile. These pieces might seems very abstract. Yes, but you will know whether this piece is meant for you by how you feel about it.

I think I found the missing piece that belongs to me.


30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 9 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

She is my mum, do I need to say more? Love her and always will.


The Paradox of Love

There are so many chances in life. Sometimes they can be very transient and sometimes they can be staying for very long. Sometimes, chances pretend like they are meant for you, but they are not. Sometimes, you might be surprised by those uninviting chances.

I talked to a friend recently. He told me that we should only fall for a person if we know him/her well enough. It's not a process that happens instantly. It's no Harry Potter magic.

I used to believe in what he said - true love takes time to happen...

...Which is somewhat true.


A love that happens too fast is still love right?
Love isn't measured by how fast people fall for each other right?
A bridge is a bridge regardless how fast it is built. No?

I used to believe that love is a sacred thing...

...Which is still true.


If love is really sacred, why do breakups and divorces happen?
Isn't it a responsibility to keep sacred things alive?

I used to believe that falling in love is difficult. It takes two compatible heart to fall in love, and it takes time to find a compatible heart....

...Which is indisputably true.


Indisputably true? What if both of us fell easily in love?

How about love at first sight? It happens right?

If both never been through stumbles and obstacles, does it mean that the love isn't true?

What if one day I decided to find a compatible heart and it took me 1 hour to find it?

How can we be sure that that's the compatible heart?

How do we even know?

I used to believe that love is so sacred that the first person you fall for, or the first person you love, should be the person that going to be loved by you forever...

...I wish this can be a solid true but it's not.


This is not a solid wrong too.
It's true because we shouldn't simply give our special love to everyone.
It explains love is sacred.

If love is sacred, why do we keep falling in for another one after we fell out from love?
It's not true because we do fall out from love.
Not every first love last forever.

I used to believe that we should let the stream leads us to where we belong, and if it belongs to you it will return....


If you see a beautiful shore along the stream,
would you hop off from the stream to stay?

If you do choose to stay and you stayed forever,
isn't it violating the idea where faith has a plan for us?

If you do choose to stay and you stayed forever,
it's our choice to make it happened instead of faith. No?

If we see someone we love, we fight for the love that we deserve.
It's not faith but a choice. No?
If we succeed, isn't it violating the idea where faith has a plan for us?

...What a beautiful paradox of love.

"Love is hard" - James Morrison


I don't know which is true anymore because I think there is no true or false in this.
Life was supposed to be simple.

I see the things we want in life, I fight for them.

We see love, we fight for love.

I see you, I choose to fight for you.

30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 8 - A Picture That Makes You Laugh

The missing person in the photo was JY. He is coming back soon anyway. End of story. We've miss him enough.


Be Vulnerable

"We have to be vulnerable to love and to be loved."

The above statement is true. If we are not emotionally vulnerable, there is no point to be in love or be loved. We feel happy and content when there's love. If we are not emotionally vulnerable, we can't feel the happiness from love, and there comes the point, what's love without feeling? Same goes with sadness. Being ignored, being hurt and being angered are all bad emotions, but it is okay to feel sad because that's part of love, that's part of our life. We are ordinary and we shall have feelings.

This is a short post yet I wish it makes sense to you.

These are the few shots that I particularly love...

The Silver Lining - Captured in Publika during a lunch session with some very good friends.

The Loner - Captured this during my stay in Melbourne. I love the contrast of this photo in which the loner was holding the umbrella and on the left there is a group of men walking in the same direction, not bothered by the drizzles.

Sunday morning on a Wednesday noon - This was a very very nice cup of coffee and I take this uniquely.

This was captured in a rainy day and I was stuck in the traffic. I love red colour.

... and yes I am fine.


30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 7 - A Picture of Your Most Treasured Item

Yes, this is my first electric guitar and my 7th guitar. First love is always the best. This is an Epiphone Casino and I get this from the promotion. It features two P90 pickups and and full hollow body. This model is famously owned by Gary Clark Jr,.John Lennon, and the rest of The Beatles. Paul McCartney once said that he will choose Epiphone Casino if he has to pick only one guitar to live with for the rest of his life.

You don't have to be a good player to see how beautiful this guitar is, because she is beautiful, or more precise, sexy.



I don't wanna be a tourist, I wanna be a traveler.









30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 6 - A Picture of Your Favorite Book

Not sure if this is my favourite book, but I choose this based on the list of books I have here on my desk. Regardless of how I choose this, this book is definitely one of my favourites. This book is delicious, touching, and inspiring in some way. It gave me an idea about why people are different and why it is okay to be different from other people. Yes, this is a very very good read and I am very sure that I am going to read this book again.

Know what? This book was only 5 dollars and it's a hardcover book. Totally worth it.

"Thin Blue Smoke is an epic redemption tale, the story of two men coming to terms with their pasts. It is also a novel about faith, race, storytelling, bourbon, the language of rabbits, and the finer points of barbecue technique."

I highly addictive page-flipper I would say.









当时相信很多人都不以为然,毕竟只不过是新会员,也不是没有见过新会员第一次做Spartan的热身。可是我很好奇,当时的我也只知道她的名字叫Yue Fang,姓什么,从哪里来,读什么course一点也不知道。我只知道的是,这个叫羽芳的女生每天和其他人说话都眼睛眯眯地,傻里傻气地笑着。

就有一次,像往常一样,大家在热身后练习舞技(俗称Corners)。当时我注意到羽芳在当天的练习时说话特别大声。每一个动作后都转过头看着朋友傻笑。很多时候也不知道她在说什么。其中一个要练习的技术是跳和跃。这个羽芳,跳得很奇怪也很笨拙,看起来好像一只很想学会飞的企鹅。当然,跳完之后她还是气喘喘地坐在Sook Kuan的旁边,又继续傻笑聊天。终于,我忍不住用广东话和她开了一个玩笑:“喂,你偷鸡啊...”。那时候她有点不好意思地看着我,可是她还是在傻笑着。那次之后就开始和她谈得来了。


“来,Sook Kuan,我们cincai去摇一下就可以了”











记得有一次,羽芳好像在埋怨着她的身材和那个烦人的牙齿矫正器。结果我就开玩笑地告诉她:“哎呀,忍忍几个月吧。几个月之后就像Jessica Alba了。”

几个月后,矫正器拿开了,加上跳舞燃烧掉的卡路里,羽芳还是没有变成Jessica Alba。但是不得不说,羽芳变得更加可爱了。

“果然变成了Jessica Alba。”,见到她我开玩笑地说。







30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 5 - A Picture of Your Favourite Memory.

This is actually a hard one. There are so many good memories that I remember, yet so little photos were taken for these good memories. Note that it is 'memory' not 'memories', I have to pick one to post here out of all my favourites. I am in the mood for beach now, so...

My stay in Sydney was one of my favourites. I particularly like this shot. Not long (few minutes) after this photo was taken my camera was spoiled for unknown reason. It was a waste that all the good things that I experienced in Australia were forced to be eternalized in the form of memories, instead of photos. But hey, isn't our eyes equivalent to the camera lens and the brain equivalents to the memory card?


5 Months of Updates

No matter how optimistic or how pessimistic you are, life is still a bitch.

My life is wonderful. I was engaging in a lot of activities while trying hard to cope with my study and assignments. Well, at least it's over now because I am officially completed my tertiary education. I am no longer a student, at least for now.

I was so worry about my pathology exam because it was the hardest paper that I ever taken. Basically what I had studied did not appear as the exam questions. Whatever it is, the worst three hours of my life was over and I was quite surprised that I got a steady pass for it. Other subjects went okay but I could have score better if I studied hard enough.

The thing is that, I used to care so much about academic results, but not anymore. Result is barely the evaluation of one's capability to complete the requirement of certain courses or subjects. I am so glad that when I look back, there are more than just lecture notes, assignments, lab coats and reports. There were friends, good companies, sadness, lots and lots of dancing, crazy coursemates, good food, bad food, and many wonderful moments and unhappy memories. Still, no regrets, life is good because it has everything - we won't understand what is happiness without experiencing sadness.

Too much names to mention, to much people to thank for. Thank you for making my university life richer and colourful. To the member of the dance clubs, you guys are so cool and weird, which is exotic enough for me to like you guys, and damn it, you guys are the big part of my current life now. To my fellow coursemates, thanks for the supports, especially for the constant reminders of assignment deadlines and pigeonhole location. To my dad and mum, I am speechlessly grateful. To my younger brother, thanks for holding me on when I was having troubles.

I will definitely miss my days of being a science student in Monash University.


These are some summaries of what had happened since the last update.

1. Final semester

Well I skipped most of the lectures after the mid-semester break. Assignments and reports in third year are no jokes. Having five assignments/reports due in four different days was one hell of an experience. In such situation, no one give a damn about how good your work is, everyone just wanna finish their task as soon as they can so that they can carry on to the next one. I had ten days to study before the final exam and miraculously I managed to pull it off.

I'll definitely miss you guys.
2. Monash Dance Fusion Club Dance Recital - DREAMS

Once again, I was involved in a dance recital. This time, my involvement was even greater. I was one of the committee member and I involved in 8 dances. Basically my life at that point was all about dancing, club management, and loads of assignments. In the end I managed to cope with everything. I would say involving in the dance club was one of the best thing I ever did in my four years of student life. I met awesome people there, did something I never thought I could do. I am not sure how others think and I wouldn't care much, to me, dancing is so magical, being able to dance is so lucky. When I dance, I am no longer attached to anything, no personal emotions, no worries, no thoughts. It is all about music and steps. Dancing is my new getaway.

Here's some favorite shots.

3. I'm 22 years old.

I'm 22 years old this year. The birthday dinner was so good. Best present was not the unicorn or the Martin & Co. guitar strap they gave. Best present I received was the quality time we all spent together. 22 years old, I am going to live my life.

4. I was in a band.

I never been in a band before. So one day my friend Yao Hong asked me if I am interested to be in a band or to form one. I said yes, and we auditioned for Culture Night and Music Night. We also performed in some gigs in the campus. We have a very sweet vocalist, who is also my good friend Chloe, a extraordinarily talented keyboardist name Daniel, lead guitarist is my friend Kevin, percussionist/multi-instrumentalist, Jie Han. Yao Hong is the bassist in our band. Our band name is 'Sprockets'. It doesn't sound appealing but I enjoyed my moment there in the band. It's something totally new to me.

5. Rock Climbing is my newly discovered interest.

I signed up for rock climbing. I was thinking, why not, it's my final semester here in Monash, who knows I might like it. And I do like it. Rock climbing looks simple but it never is. It is a very good physical exercise. I met some new friends in the climbing gym in the campus and it's always good to make new friends. I even challenged some other climbing gyms, which are located in Putrajaya and 1 Utama. There's definitely more to come. Climbing is so addictive.

6. Trip to Perhentian Island with the Spartanians.

This trip might be a farewell trip to certain people in the dance club. It was a three days two night trip to Perhentian Island in the east coast, excluding two days of train ride. We had so much fun and it is always good to hang out with good friends, sharing wonderful moment and enjoy every second of the time we spent. Snorkeling was fun, but I will definitely try scuba diving someday. One thing that I had learned from this trip was that, sometimes, things can be bad, but going through bad things together with good friends can make things turn better. I really hope that we can do more trips together. So much fun.

7. Got myself a Job in Monash University

It's just a temporary job, but I want to save some money as my travel budget. I wanna see the world. The thing about working though, is troubling me quite a bit. Having a job means that I am going to have lesser time for myself and my friends, which I don't like. Too bad, there's nothing much I can do.

Anyway, these are some updates about what were going on when I was away from blogging.

I saw a quote while I was wandering in Pinterest (which is my newly discovered interest too). I find it very meaningful.

"We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love."

It was a quote from Robert Fulghum, some say it was a quote from Dr. Seuss, but it doesn't really matter isn't it?

30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 4 - A Picture of Your Night

This was taken on the night of 2nd June 2013, on the rooftop of Monash University building 9 after a dinner in Bumbumg Nasi Lemak. That was a Sunday. Dining in Bumbung Nasi Lemak on Sunday night was a 'tradition' (in which it was practiced for like one month or two consecutively) for Bryan, Donovan, JY and I. We will try our best to keep the 'tradition' going. It's good to have something that everyone consistently practice in a group, it just makes people feel so bonded.


Movie Recommendations (Part I)

I rarely mention movies and films in my blog. In fact, I consider myself a movie goer (those who knows me well might agree with this claim). In my opinion, movies are just as good as food and music, and just like food, I had watch a lot of movies throughout the years. And because of that, it's very difficult to tell people what is my favourite movie of all time. I watched a lot of movies, and to be frank, most of the movies I choose to watch are good (I choose movies to watch so that I can avoid wasting time on low-end parodies and some garbage-grade comedies). If you are curious, this is the list of my all- time favourite movies (In my top 20 at least). To be frank, I am very sure there are more than just these, but I couldn't remember all the movies that I had watch, the ones that listed here are the ones that caught my attention the most. And these few are the ones that I always recommend to my friends whenever they ask. This is the first 10 of my favourite, more to come (if I have the time to write them down).

*Disclaimer: The list is not sorted according to ranking.

1. Shakespeare In Love

The great things about this movie are the casts, the screenplay, and the story. A romantic comedy (not really a comedy, but it's definitely a romance movie) that had 13 Academy Award nominations and it won 7 out of them. This movie is about an affair between Shakespeare and Viola while Shakespeare was attempting to save a theater and write Romeo And Juliet. This is quite a bittersweet tragic story and it is totally worth watching.

2. Pulp Fiction

No doubt, this is one of the best movies that I ever watched. You know what? Most of the movie geeks will say so. Quentin Tarantino is a genius, the story is so original, not to mention the screenplay and the unique flow of the story. Tarantino is specialized in non-linear story flow, which is the highlight of this movie. The story is simple, yet original. In my opinion, the movies of Quentin Tarantino is like a surprised birthday party - you don't have to expect, it will come.

3. The Lord of The Ring Trilogy

I don't really enjoy medieval fantasies but this is a rare exception in my list. Thanks to the author J.R.R Tolkien, the story was never bored. A epic fantasy like this requires good cast, good visual effects and good directory to be produced, and they did produce what the audiences want. That is why this epic trilogy had 30 Academy Award nominations in which they won 17 of them.

4. The Fountain

This movie is definitely in my all-time favourite list. I think I had watched it for at least 4 times, and I am still wanting to watch it. This story of the movie is very original. It is narrated in a non-linear way (which I really like personally), crossing three different time and era, involving three different couples that portrayed by Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. This story is about love, life and death and it shows how fragile we human are. Another highlight about this movie is the music. This movie also shows the versatility of Hugh Jackman. He's more than an action star.

5. The Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind

A romantic science fiction film (rare and definitely my favourite). First of, can you imagine the possibility between Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet? You might think that the chemistry might be a little bit weird (Or plain wrong), but I tell you, you are wrong. It has 2 nominations of Academy Award and it won the Best Original Screenplay award. The story is too complicated to be told here and it requires some concentration while watching it but if you are used to watch movies with non-linear storylines, this movie is not difficult to be understood. The thing I like about this movie is the irreplaceable originality of the story, not to mention how good Kate Winslet performed in this movie. This is definitely a go.

6. Les Misérables

I watched it on the New Year Day of 2013. It doesn't take long for me to include this movie into my all-time list. The story is based on Hugo's work and it is truly a 'miserable' story. The right casts were choose, not to mention the hard works the directors and the casts put on to make this movie possible. Since it is still fresh on screen, I wouldn't want to discuss much about this movie to prevent spoilers. Nevertheless, beyond doubt, this is definitely a good watch.

7. Big Fish

At first I thought that it is an overrated movie. I was wrong. In my opinion, the highlight of this movie is the endless possibility of how far a story can go. The themes of the movie are very clear and firm throughout the movie. It sticks to the main branch of the theme yet it explores many other minor themes as well throughout the story. Love, hatred, family, friendship, and many many more. Another highlight of this movie is Ewan McGregor, enough said.

8. Mr Nobody

All of my friends who watched this movie told me that the story is very confusing. In fact, it is. But if you concentrate enough, understand this movie wouldn't be a hard task. This movie has quite some similarity with The Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind and The Fountain, but the story is very original though. The casts in the movie might not be very famous (well not all, you might know Jared Leto and Diane Kruger). The story of this movie is about a young boy who is in the nick of time to make his ultimate choice that can possibly change his life forever. Again, the director and writer explored various possibility of the story, which is the main reason why I love this movie so much.

9. Sin City

Another splendid work from Quentin Tarantino. I seriously wonder what is inside this man's mind. This is a crime-thriller movie but it is slightly immersed in a slight touch of black humour. The movie successfully presented the characters, thanks to the awesome performance of the casts. The highlight of the movie is the cinematography and colour processing in which this movie is in black and white and colours are added into specific objects only. This is the first Tarantino movie that I ever watch, and this reminds me of another filming style of his - he tells stories part by part (just like the one he did in Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Volume I and II and Reservoir Dogs).

10. The Notebook

This is, in my opinion, a very sad and very touching romance movie. It's like the story of a modern day Romeo and Juliet between Noah and Allison in which they love each other so much yet they can't be together due to the difference in social status. In the mean time, in a modern day hospital, an old man is telling the story to an elderly woman who is suffering from Alzheimer's and hoping that the story can trigger the comeback of the old sweet memories of theirs. Oh, by the way, did I mentioned how pretty Rachel McAdams was in this movie?
30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 3 - Something You Love

I can't see the need for me to elaborate this. Guitars are my love.

From left: My second classical guitar Yamaha C80, Tanglewood TW28 SSN, Epiphone Casino Cherry.