True Story

1. Whatever we learned in life might not be able to apply in love and in any forms relationships. For example, in real life, satisfying result can be achieved from hard works and a little bit of luck. In a relationship, work done and sacrifices might not give you what you want in the end. 

2. The feeling we have for someone is like a virus infection. In can be in latent phase for years and years without causing diseases or symptoms, but when it strikes, you cannot run away from it. You thought it's not there until you feel it.

3. The right feeling can come anytime. We don't feel it when it's not there. And because of this, some people just choose not to believe in feelings anymore. Some people choose to deny its existence. The feeling might not be there for you or me so far, but when its here, you will feel it, and when you feel it, you will believe in feelings again.

4. Feeling is important, and most of the time we choose to believe in what we feel. Sadly, whether you like it or not, feeling can be deceiving. Feeling can be a false positive. Wrong feelings can lead you to experience the worst regret and the most agonizing pain.

5. People can choose to ignore your passion and your kindness. They don't even need a strong reason to do that. Whether you like it or not, they are not wrong for doing that, and sometimes, it's right for them to do that. Sad, but true.

6. There is nothing right or wrong about being good to someone. There is no fairness or unfairness in any relationship. Nothing is absolute in a relationship.

7. Let the stream leads you to where you should be. Never expect too much. Expectation is a whore. They can be really hot but they can be very mean. Best expectation can give you the worst disappointment.

8. Love and hatred are the best lesson you can ever learn. It is free and most probably you'll remember it forever.

9. True love never fades and its always worth waiting for. As sweet and true is it sounds, most of us never know whether its true love or not. Just like feeling, true love is like feeling, it can be deceiving. Again, sad, but true. That's why when we found the slightest love, we tend to preserve it and protect it as much as we can, because people wants it to be true.

10. No one is born with the knowledge to solve the problems we face everyday. It's okay to ask for help.

11. It's okay to make mistake, no one is born  to be perfect.

12. When a man loves a woman, a man could do everything for a woman. In the mean time, he couldn't give a shit to other woman that he doesn't interested in. If a guy doesn't give a shit, he doesn't give a shit. Woman behaves otherwise, woman loves to be treated nice. But never take the kindness of a man for granted. 

13. Sincerity and honesty can be identified easily. If someone treats you with kindness and sincerity, do appreciate it because the best form of caring and kindness are filled with sincerity. People gives the most sincere care because people trusts.

14. We feel because we care. If we don't feel anything anymore, it's because we don't care anymore.

15. Loving and caring somebody are not a trade, you can give someone your best and the most sincere care and get nothing in return.

True story.


By the way, this is my most recent playlist in my iTunes and I compiled them few weeks ago. Yes, these are the only songs that I listened to since weeks ago. I'm not kidding, just look at how many times I played them. Take it or leave it. The three least played songs were the songs that I added today.

30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Take a picture of 'You'

New challenge is set after the I completed the last challenge. This photo was taken when I was in Philip Island in Victoria, Australia. That was definitely one of the most beautiful places that I ever been to. I like how my hairstyle was back then.



1st September 2012, Dance Studio, photo credit to Crystal.





此外,不知不觉之下自己也对舞蹈社“日久生情”。学期一开始基本上一个星期会有八至十个小时会在dance studio里面度过。舞蹈团里的团员们都很棒,老师也很好,练舞的过程也很享受。就在这些因素之下我对舞蹈社“日久生情”了。这个学期里不管自己有多忙,几乎每天都回去dance studio一趟。看别人练舞也好,自己练舞也好,反正自己会出现在那个dance studio就是了。舞蹈表演过后练习次数减少了许多,再加上考试要到了,结果练习的人数和时间也变少了。舞蹈练习是少了很多,当然没有联系生活也过得比较轻松。但不知道为什么,没有舞蹈练习的这两三个星期里,我总觉得生活上好像少了些什么,也会觉得有些空虚。经过dance studio时看见里的灯没有亮着,心里总觉得有一点不习惯,毕竟dance studio的灯很多时候都是亮着的。时常都有人在里面练舞,要不然就是有人在里面吃东西闲聊等等。昨晚我出席了考试前最后一次练习,练习期间一直在想着不知道要等多久才能再次练舞,大概一个月后吧。那还好,那要是我毕业离开了之后呢?

其实那个“日久生情”就是这样开始的,某些看起来很不起眼的东西(比如说一些小习惯或者是某些事或某些人的存在)出现在你的生活里,然后你开始接触这些东西,结果日子久了就开始习惯了这样东西的存在。习惯了这样东西的存在时很多时候都忘记掉怎么去珍惜。直到有一天某些事情的发生(比如说生活上的改变或者是习惯或行为上的改变)让你发现到这东西的价值和重要性。无奈的是,这些改变时常都发生得很突然,一时之间要逼自己去适应某些被迫改变掉的习惯或改变确实是有点难接受。而且少了当你发现自己很难适应这些改变的时候,你很有可能已经对这样东西“日久生情”了。日久生情就是这么的简单,所以在很久之前我就已经相信了一点 — 只要你把自己的执著放下,给自己一个外向的机会,顺其自然之下,感情是可以培养出来的。

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 30 - Your Favourite Song at This Time Last Year

Finally this is the final day of the song challenge. I shall start another challenge in my next post. Anyway, this is the song that I liked at this time last year. It was because I was looking for songs that can be used for latin dance and I found this. I never danced with this song by the way.