Funny Movie Cliché

So I was having dinner with two of my friends that I newly met after a long day in the lab, and while having dinner we talked about some dramas and movies. At some point we talked about some funny and stereotypical movie cliché and we laugh so hard because they are actually quite true. So here are some example. Have some good read.

1. In TVB dramas, important conversations always happen during family dinner, and it's usually a bad one which in the end one of the characters in the scene will stand up and walk away saying: '(Cantonese) I am not hungry, I have to go.', followed by a scene where the father and the mother staring at each other speechlessly and look surprised.

*Alternative ending of this scene, the angry dad slam the table with the chopsticks and scream: '(Cantonese) Spoiled kid (Sui Zai) !'

2. In TVB drama, millionaires ride cab and bus more than their own cars, and they don't have fancy sport cars in their garage, which is a contrast to western dramas where rich guy will always have a luxury car.

3. In TVB dramas and some Korean dramas, confession and proposal always happen after the guy upsets the girl or when something terrible (accident, mistake, or whatever) happen. Confession always happen under the rain, or at a pier, at the beach or outside of a restaurant after the girl ran away from a devastating dinner.

4. In every dramas and movies, the suspect will always have time to talk to the inspector or the victim when he is held by the guards or the police while he is being escorted. When the suspect finishes his speech, the policemen that hold him will say something like: 'Hey! Who you think you are? You think you can talk to anyone? Move!!!'

5. In Hindi or Tamil movie, the songs and lyrical contents are the screenplay. REAL screenplay are only taking maybe 5 - 6% of the movie. And all the dancers and the lead singer have the ability to teleport from place to place, from the park, to the beach, to the palace, to some random street, to a waterfall, to a train station or whatever place that they can possibly go. Oh, by the way, everyone know the choreography very well.

6. In TVB drama, fighting scene always started when the guy that's gonna be beaten walked into a dark alley and surrounded by gangsters in all the exits. It ends when someone (could be anyone, even the one that's not involve in the fight) screams: 'Cai Yan ah!!! (Police!!!)'. When this is screamed out, all the gangsters will run away, and the police will chase the bad guys, screaming: "Mmm Hou Zhau !!! (Don't run away !!!)". The one who got beaten always got ignored.

7. In TVB and Korean drama, the girl who wear high heels will sprain her ankle and the guy will carry her home, even the guy that carries her is the guy that she currently hates.

8. In Hindi or Tamil movie, the police inspector will always be suspended from his duty by chief inspector. While he is suspended he will investigate the case and solve the case...single-handedly. The classic action scenes while fighting crime include - amazing speed where he can run faster than car, or, amazing strength where he can catch a bullet by using finger, or, having a bulletproof body, or, swim faster than speedboat, or, walk from Goa to Mumbai while he is heavily wounded.

9. In TVB drama, if something happen in public (like a fight for example), the passerby will all gather around and point their fingers up and down and mumbling inaudible sentences.

10. In TVB drama, kids will always cry when his/her ice-cream got confiscated, and when they cry they are just rubbing their eye with their fists. Japanese and Korean drama though, kids cry for real. American drama, erm, they don't cry, they question their parents back when they got their ice-cream confiscated.

11. The very first time when the girl and the guy touches each other (accidentally or not), that's the time where they fall in love. The scene when they touched will be in slow-mo and the noises and voices are echoed and eventually lead to a silence where the guy look at the girl awkwardly for another 5 seconds. After that, time recover to normal speed and both of them look away and say 'sorry' awkwardly and the guy and girl will say they got to go. They will walk to the opposite direction and once they walk away the girl will blush so bad and give a little shy smile and the guy take a deep breath and exhale it forcefully once she turn around.

12. In Korean or Japanese drama, the parents are always so excited, cheerful and happy when their kids fall in love. TVB drama? Not so...

13. American loves explosion. That's why every explosion scenes in US film can last for 10 seconds long to 5 minutes. Classic explosion scene example - Rock music stop suddenly and the building or whatever timebomb shit explodes in slow motion, capture every extensions of the fire to the air. The main character (or the one who set the explosion) will keep his/her calm, wearing sunglasses and keep on walking as if nothing is happening.


14. In taiwan-hokkean dramas, monologues are more than dialogues, and slow motion apply whenever the main character meet his/her nemesis.

15. The golden rules of Hollywood films:
  • Everyone knows how to steal a car.
  • Everyone owns a gun.
  • Bodyguards are always in suits and holding their own hands in front.
  • Bullets will never run out.
  • The bad guy will not kill anyone before giving a 10 minute speech.
  • Every office have a whiskey.
  • The hero is a better shooter than the best US Marine marksman.
  • Screw physics.
  • Explosion scene has to last for at least 3 seconds.
  • Kissing is almost 80% successful if the lips of the guy and the girl is close enough.
  • Aliens and whatever disasters hate United States, especially New York City.
  • The wires of the timed-bomb is always red and green.
  • Every scientists are involve in biological weapon research.
  • Car explodes when it hits anything. ANYTHING.

16. In TVB drama, when the old man gets very angry, he will always faint and hospitalized. This usually happens when it reaches episode 17 if the series has 20 episodes.

17. In Japanese and Korean drama, the guy and girl fall madly in love, in the end one of them dies, usually it's cancer or terminal illness. Sometimes, car crash.

18. When the family members are visiting the prisoner in a prison, the visiting time always run out faster than any other prisoners who are already there earlier.

19. In TVB, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese dramas, the doctor always says: 'We tried out best.'

*Alternative phrase: 'I'm sorry but you have cancer and nothing we can do about it.'

20. Everyone order either coffee or orange juice but drinks will never be served.

21. In Taiwanese drama, the girl is cute and very energetic. She always has a crush on the coolest and most handsome guy in the school/college. The guy that she loves does not know her and he is always in love with another pretty (but not bitchy) girl. The cute girl will have two friends (Most of the time - a silly guy who doesn't know any romance and his only love is basketball, and a girl friend who always give shitty advice to the cute girl). These two friends of her will eventually fall in love to each other. By the way, the coolest guy in college is the one who play basketball well.

22. Everyday is a rainy day after breakups.

23. Slapping is the ultimate and most disgrace punishment ever in TVB drama. *Audience approved.

30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 2 - Take a Photo of Your Breakfast

Blue colour rice. Cool eh? This is call Nasi Kerabu and this is exceptionally delicious and tasty. It can only be found in Kelantan, as far as I know. With the crispy prawn cracker and fish cakes, combine with the freshly seasoned rice and vegetables mix, that's roughly how much I miss home.


True Story

1. Whatever we learned in life might not be able to apply in love and in any forms relationships. For example, in real life, satisfying result can be achieved from hard works and a little bit of luck. In a relationship, work done and sacrifices might not give you what you want in the end. 

2. The feeling we have for someone is like a virus infection. In can be in latent phase for years and years without causing diseases or symptoms, but when it strikes, you cannot run away from it. You thought it's not there until you feel it.

3. The right feeling can come anytime. We don't feel it when it's not there. And because of this, some people just choose not to believe in feelings anymore. Some people choose to deny its existence. The feeling might not be there for you or me so far, but when its here, you will feel it, and when you feel it, you will believe in feelings again.

4. Feeling is important, and most of the time we choose to believe in what we feel. Sadly, whether you like it or not, feeling can be deceiving. Feeling can be a false positive. Wrong feelings can lead you to experience the worst regret and the most agonizing pain.

5. People can choose to ignore your passion and your kindness. They don't even need a strong reason to do that. Whether you like it or not, they are not wrong for doing that, and sometimes, it's right for them to do that. Sad, but true.

6. There is nothing right or wrong about being good to someone. There is no fairness or unfairness in any relationship. Nothing is absolute in a relationship.

7. Let the stream leads you to where you should be. Never expect too much. Expectation is a whore. They can be really hot but they can be very mean. Best expectation can give you the worst disappointment.

8. Love and hatred are the best lesson you can ever learn. It is free and most probably you'll remember it forever.

9. True love never fades and its always worth waiting for. As sweet and true is it sounds, most of us never know whether its true love or not. Just like feeling, true love is like feeling, it can be deceiving. Again, sad, but true. That's why when we found the slightest love, we tend to preserve it and protect it as much as we can, because people wants it to be true.

10. No one is born with the knowledge to solve the problems we face everyday. It's okay to ask for help.

11. It's okay to make mistake, no one is born  to be perfect.

12. When a man loves a woman, a man could do everything for a woman. In the mean time, he couldn't give a shit to other woman that he doesn't interested in. If a guy doesn't give a shit, he doesn't give a shit. Woman behaves otherwise, woman loves to be treated nice. But never take the kindness of a man for granted. 

13. Sincerity and honesty can be identified easily. If someone treats you with kindness and sincerity, do appreciate it because the best form of caring and kindness are filled with sincerity. People gives the most sincere care because people trusts.

14. We feel because we care. If we don't feel anything anymore, it's because we don't care anymore.

15. Loving and caring somebody are not a trade, you can give someone your best and the most sincere care and get nothing in return.

True story.


By the way, this is my most recent playlist in my iTunes and I compiled them few weeks ago. Yes, these are the only songs that I listened to since weeks ago. I'm not kidding, just look at how many times I played them. Take it or leave it. The three least played songs were the songs that I added today.

30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Take a picture of 'You'

New challenge is set after the I completed the last challenge. This photo was taken when I was in Philip Island in Victoria, Australia. That was definitely one of the most beautiful places that I ever been to. I like how my hairstyle was back then.



1st September 2012, Dance Studio, photo credit to Crystal.





此外,不知不觉之下自己也对舞蹈社“日久生情”。学期一开始基本上一个星期会有八至十个小时会在dance studio里面度过。舞蹈团里的团员们都很棒,老师也很好,练舞的过程也很享受。就在这些因素之下我对舞蹈社“日久生情”了。这个学期里不管自己有多忙,几乎每天都回去dance studio一趟。看别人练舞也好,自己练舞也好,反正自己会出现在那个dance studio就是了。舞蹈表演过后练习次数减少了许多,再加上考试要到了,结果练习的人数和时间也变少了。舞蹈练习是少了很多,当然没有联系生活也过得比较轻松。但不知道为什么,没有舞蹈练习的这两三个星期里,我总觉得生活上好像少了些什么,也会觉得有些空虚。经过dance studio时看见里的灯没有亮着,心里总觉得有一点不习惯,毕竟dance studio的灯很多时候都是亮着的。时常都有人在里面练舞,要不然就是有人在里面吃东西闲聊等等。昨晚我出席了考试前最后一次练习,练习期间一直在想着不知道要等多久才能再次练舞,大概一个月后吧。那还好,那要是我毕业离开了之后呢?

其实那个“日久生情”就是这样开始的,某些看起来很不起眼的东西(比如说一些小习惯或者是某些事或某些人的存在)出现在你的生活里,然后你开始接触这些东西,结果日子久了就开始习惯了这样东西的存在。习惯了这样东西的存在时很多时候都忘记掉怎么去珍惜。直到有一天某些事情的发生(比如说生活上的改变或者是习惯或行为上的改变)让你发现到这东西的价值和重要性。无奈的是,这些改变时常都发生得很突然,一时之间要逼自己去适应某些被迫改变掉的习惯或改变确实是有点难接受。而且少了当你发现自己很难适应这些改变的时候,你很有可能已经对这样东西“日久生情”了。日久生情就是这么的简单,所以在很久之前我就已经相信了一点 — 只要你把自己的执著放下,给自己一个外向的机会,顺其自然之下,感情是可以培养出来的。

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 30 - Your Favourite Song at This Time Last Year

Finally this is the final day of the song challenge. I shall start another challenge in my next post. Anyway, this is the song that I liked at this time last year. It was because I was looking for songs that can be used for latin dance and I found this. I never danced with this song by the way.














30 Day Song Challenge - Day 29 - A Song From Your Childhood

My childhood was fulled with Oldies but the most mesmerizing music that I heard during my childhood was from the instrumental band Anthony Ventura. I remember when I was young I always hang out on the second floor of my old house at night and my mom will always play their songs while she was marking her papers and stuffs. Unfortunately, their music is very difficult to find in the market today. What taste the best is memory. It's like a good cup mocha - sweet and bitter, never overwhelming and just nice.












30 Day Song Challenge - Day 28 - A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

This is though, I do not listen to a song that makes me feel guilty. There's no song that makes me feel guilty either.


The Beginning of an End

I just came back from Gold Coast Australia. It is not really a place that I like much, except for some places in Surfers Paradise. The transportation fee is expensive and the food there is generally tasteless. Thankfully the theme parks in Gold Coast did not let me down much.

It's very simple, if befriending somebody can make you feel unhappy, why bother befriending someone then? Isn't the purpose of having friends suppose to make you feel happy and great? Think Chiew See Hau, Think.


The moment when I bid farewell to my family members, what happened in the first day here in Melbourne, what happened during my days in Australia... Everything is clear and vivid in my memories. I stepped foot in Australia about 4 and a half months ago and I will be leaving this wonderful land in 7 days. The feelings are mixed - I want to go home, I want to stay here in Melbourne as well. Whatever it is, my days in Australia is coming t an end.
I wanna write down everything that I remember here because studying in Australia is definitely a big chapter in my life.

I live in 18 Koonawarra Street in Clayton, a suburb of Melbourne under the governance of City of Monash. It is a pretty ugly and old house. The only thing I like about this house is the big maple tree in the front porch. I love the tree because it tells me about weather.

Here's the picture of the maple tree. See the difference? The top one was taken during the end of summer where the leaves changed to orange colour. The bottom one was the last leave that I captured during the beginning of winter. I look at the tree every time I walk out of the house. This maple tree is the home for some wild possums. These possums always climb between the tree and the wire at night, watching you in the dark while you are approaching the door step, but they are harmless and cute in some way.

I stay with Yi Zheng a.k.a Jonathan, Wendy Ong, and Jhun Hoe a.k.a Adrian. I knew Yi Zheng before I came to Australia. Yi Zheng is the head tenant and he take cares of our dinner, he loves culinary. I know Wendy and Adrian when I reaches here in Australia. As far as I know, Wendy is a vegan and she likes animals more than anything. She is polite and helpful. I am pleased to have a housemate like her. Adrian is a new friend of mine since I only knew him in February. He is a funny guy with a good voice. He is my partner vocalist when I play the guitar. Besides my housemates, I also met these few wonderful persons. They are definitely part of the joy that I felt during my stay. Ah Chen is a troll. He is the boyfriend of Wendy and he likes to crack jokes and tricks on people. He is the figure of 'fun'. I also met Clement. He loves Superman and he is a really nice guy to hang out with. Clement and I had a lot of topic in common, we both likes woman, movies, PC games, booze and dramas. I also Emily. She is responsible for the 'Check-ins' and we always exchange opinions about stuffs, I think she is a good listener. Eva is another girl that I hung out with in Melbourne. She loves shopping and for whatever reason she always smile. I also hung out with Hareesh and Alina, they are the new couple and they always appear as a pair. I couldn't find a photo that has everyone in it, but here's the compilation.

My day in Melbourne is pretty monotonous yet wonderful. It is monotonous because of the locations - I always end up in the same places in campus. It is wonderful because of the encounters - encounter with different people and events under different feeling. The places that I hang out a lot is the Matheson Library, Hagreaves-Andrew Library, Menzies Lawn, Campus Center, The Den, futsal court, Coles in Clayton Road, and Ping's Dumpling. I will remember the taste of the first apple pie I ever made in my life, the taste of my salsa sauce, the taste of the dumplings in Ping's, the taste of Solo Lemonade, the taste of curry made by Eva and Alina, the taste of curry made by everyone of us, the taste of lamb chops and spicy meat patty made by Yi Zheng, the food and coffee in the Campus. Everything comes back when I type all these, everything will come back again when I read all these. May these good memories immortalized in words.


30 Day Song Challenge -  Day 27 - Song You Wish You Could Play

These are the songs that I wish I could play with my guitar.


A Confession of a Melancholic

I remember that the same feeling struck me last year at the exact same time - it was a few days before the final exam. I am having the same feeling again, and final exam is in few days time. This is a crappy feeling. It makes me become an insomniac, and makes me can't focus well.

The saddest feeling is that you care and you love and they don't care, or pretend not to. Somehow you can't blame anyone. People can choose to ignore your passion and your kindness. They don't even need a strong reason to do that. Isn't it the simplest definition of sadness - Lose something you want or you expect but it's not illegal or there's nobody to blame? 

Whenever people need me they will find me, but I can't even get a simple 'thank you' or a smile from them in return. I feel so worthless.Giving and expecting too much love can cost you a lot. Sometimes it costs not only time, but the irremovable scar that reminds you about what have you suffered.

There's nothing left for me but tons and tons of regrets. It hurts when you tried so hard and put effort into something and it don't succeed. This is a phase where people would normally give up. Maybe it's time for me to do so. I told my friend: if giving up is hard, don't give up, yet I never knew that it is that difficult to get over something or somebody. I need to talk to someone, anyone.

It all started when I became stupid. I became stupid when I flipped over something/someone exquisite. In the end, it's pain that bring back my sanity.

Melancholic, that is all.
30 Day Song Challenge - Day 26 -A Song That You Can Play On an Instrument

I can play a guitar and I can play many songs. These two are my favourite when I play them in acoustic version. Enjoy.


Being 21

Tengo viente uno años.

23rd of May, an important day in my life that symbolizes my maturation. 2 days ago, I was officially step into adulthood. I am 21 years old. It was my birthday, one might expect a celebration or a decent dinner with friends and family, at least. 23rd of May, it just another ordinary day (at some point I even forgot that it was my birthday).

I spent 80% of my day alone, I had my lunch alone, did my own thing and stuffs. I lost my appetite at night and my dinner was just a fried rice with a deceiving teriyaki chicken with veggies. It was terrible, it was even more unusual than any ordinary day. Except that I had a cake from my friend Yi Zheng, no one verbally wished me. That was the time I missed my family and friends that located six thousand kilometers away. That isn't really matter much for me, I am still glad that some old best friends still remember my birthday and wished me through Facebook (I never put my birthday on Facebook yet they knew it was it, good friend is indeed good). Another thing is that, my mum's birthday is on the next day. As I always say, 'we are each others birthday present, for life'. May is the month that has my mum's birthday and mother's day, yet, ironically, I never really celebrated that before together with my mum for some reasons.

As I mentioned before, the thing above is nothing important. It is just that, the feeling of being 21 is very hard to be described. 21 years old symbolizes a milestone in life. It's a legal age for almost everything. It is the time where real responsibilities come in. It is the time that I enter the adult world, officially. I was eager to feel what it is like to be 21. What hit me was that, the day was exceptionally strange and unusual. It was definitely something I never felt before.

I am 21 years old now. I think I changed a lot compared to the 20 years old self. I learned many important lessons and met many people that changed my views in this one year time. I no longer express myself on will anymore. I learned that sometimes giving, loving and caring do not necessarily brings returns. I learned that I am too kindhearted. I must do better. I am an adult now.

There it goes, the last day of my semester in my little Monash adventure in Australia. Final exam is 10 days ahead and I haven't started any revision yet (and yet I am still updating my blog, I am so gonna die). And I want to go back to Malaysia. Melbourne is nice, I love it, just that it's not the right time for me to stay here. Sometimes, things seem good, but sometimes it can be superficial. Anyway, I will definitely miss all those wonderful moment that I had in this memorable semester. Studying in Melbourne, it is definitely a big paragraph in my life.

Recently I picked up my abandoned interest again - reading. For some reasons, I read a lot these days. But that's not the point. Point is, I want to recommend a book. 'One Day' by David Nicholls. For me, this book is a unorthodox romance novel. It did not stressed much about the love between the two main characters, yet I can feel the passion that the author tried to deliver. What I like most is that, this book covers not only romantic relationships, but family and friends as well. Rich in joy and tears and some bitter sweet romance of young adults, this book is definitely a read.

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 24 - A Song That You Want to Play at Your Funeral

Oh well, since it asked me...


10 Things About Melbourne

It's been roughly 3 months since I reached Melbourne. Melbourne is kinda mysterious right?  You probably know that Sydney is the state capital of Australia and it has the famous Opera House and the Habour Bridge.  Unlike Sydney, Melbourne is kinda mysterious right? You certainly heard of it, but you probably never really know how is it like, or any other information about it, not even a very personal impression.

I will tell you what I saw. I will tell you what Melbourne is like from my very experience.

1. Melbourne is a very big city.
The Melbourne City Loop or the central business district is not really big, but 'Melbourne' includes some other suburbs, which makes it big.

2. You can find a liquor store pretty much everywhere.
A liquor store with my name on it.
Yes, it's convenient in someway. You can find a few liquor stores in the radius of 1 kilometers from where you are in Melbourne. Just how much the Australians like to drink. This also explains why is it so easy to see a drunk man in the city. True story.

3. The trams
See? They warn you.
The trams here is very branched and well networked. It's one of the most networked tram systems in the world. It's part of the road vehicles too. You have to look out for trams when you are crossing the road or driving. Tram is a big deal.

4. Flinders Street Station
It a very beautiful and retro looking train station. It is the central train station (like a KLsentra, but nothing like it). It's a prominent feature of Melbourne city other than Federation Square. You can find any kind of people in front of the station - A hippie, a drunken person, punk kids, musician, dancers, policemen... It's always crowded in there. Train and commuters are some very important means of transport in Melbourne. Without Flinders Street Station, Melbourne might collapse.

5. Pie Face
This is scary. You can see a Pie Face kiosk almost every streets in the city center. I saw Pie Face more than McDonald's or Subway. This is convenient, whenever you are in the city during late night where all the shops are closed and you can't grab any food, Pie Face is always there for you. Nonetheless, I still think that the pie they made is quite overrated though.

6. Working hours
They say Australians are lazy. Well, I say they really know how to live their life. Most of the shops closes at 5pm to 7pm. You can't really get anything from most of the shops after 8pm, except for some chinese restaurant or some fine dining hall. The convenient stores that open till late night are 7-Eleven and Coles. Almost every shops close during weekends. Weekend in suburbs is like a ghost town - the shops are there, but there's nobody around. Australians never work during weekend.

7. Lygon Street
It's like a Jalan Alor in Malaysia. This street is famous for food, particularly Italian, Spanish and Malaysian cuisine. They call them the 'Little Italy'. That is the street I like the most I guess.

8. Graffiti and street arts.
You will be amazed by the graffiti in Melbourne city. The wall, the buildings and whatever object along the railroad are basically filled up with colourful words. Graffiti is a mysterious and make-no-sense phenomenon in Melbourne city.

9. The Asians
You will be surprised by the number of Asians presented in Melbourne. I was in a train where the Asian to Caucasian ratio was like 20:1. No kidding. Asians are everywhere and they doesn't seems to be like tourist or travelers, especially Chinese. Nothing to do with racism but it's just some interesting facts to share.

10. The Little Difference

Melbournians are very friendly. They always say 'Thank You', 'Good Day', 'I'm Sorry' all the time. When they do something, they take everyone into consideration - There's always a handicap toilet, a functional pedestrian light, a bicycle lane (yes, a bicycle lane) everywhere in the city. Nothing is impermissible in Melbourne (not literally, no crime is permissible). You can lie on the lawn in front of the state library and do nothing. You can play a guitar in the street. You can skateboarding around the city. You can run if you feel like running. They don't judge you.

Oh my god, I love Melbourne so much.

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 25 - A Song That Makes You Laugh

I can't type, I am laughing.









30 Day Song Challenge - Day 23 - A Song That You Want To Play at Your Wedding

There are so many songs that I am gonna play during my wedding. Too bad, I can't really think of any now. This is the song that came into my mind. Enjoy.


Sydney Aftermath

I spent my Easter break in Sydney. What about Sydney? Usually, when people mentions about Sydney, first few things that come in mind would be the famous Opera House and the Habour Bridge.

In fact, Sydney gave me more. It's more than buildings and the Opera House or the busy and costly lifestyle.

What about Sydney? The very true impression from me is that, Sydney is the Australia's New York. It has less graffiti compared to Melbourne. It has lesser trams network compared to Melbourne. It has a lot of tall buildings, which gave Sydney a lot of shadows and dark alleys. The routes are not well planned like Melbourne, the roads are narrow and the cars are noisy.
Sydney is quite a pacey and hectic city. It has more whites than any other races. Most Asians there are tourist. Most Europeans there are travelers.

Sydney is a very costly city. Transport tickets are costly, food is even more costly. Money stops myself from complaining about the short stay.

Doesn't matter, life is still good, even with a brief stay.

It's definitely okay to fall in love. It's definitely okay to be sweet to your love one. But please, be reasonable, pick a good timing. You don't have to cuddle your love one 24/7. Get a room. Being in a couple doesn't mean that the world stop spinning. Life still goes on, and you should still care about your friends and stuffs. DON'T LIVE IN YOUR OWN WORLD !!

Phoo... Learn, please.

Emily was right, there's nothing as 'value of dying' or 'worth dying for'. Every death is a misery for someone, even for a super-duper bad guy (A none related quote to be inserted: A moment of love, even in a bad man, can give meaning to a life). Once there's a death, what lefts are the grieves, pains and sorrows to the one who loves, the one who cares. Value of death? It no longer matters anymore.

Which proved that this is true: We feel pain because we care.

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 22 - A Song that You Listen to When You're Sad

I Have a playlist for myself when I feel sad. These are the most played songs in my playlist when I feel sad. There are more of course. Enjoy.





那天和K聊天,聊了接近一个小时的越洋电话。这么一聊就聊了很多东西,大家到底都还是认同了一点 - 时间过得真的是很快。上一次和K见面已经是半年前的事了。







虽然是很陌生,但放马过来吧...School of Science的有不是没有死过。

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 21 - A Song That You Listen to When You're Happy

The lyrics, the tone, the rhythm, the voice... It's just one of the best song for me when I am happy.



Being alone is a way to live. It give you a chance to explore your true desires. It may sound funny but this is what I experienced. The air you smell is different when you're alone, the food taste differently when you're alone, you will notice something you don't usually give a damn when you're alone. Once you are alone, you will notice changes. You will start to miss something that you desire, or you might feel good when something you dislike are not there. It all appears when you're alone. The world is real to me when I am alone.

These are some shots I took.

Il Dolce Freddo Gelato - Durian + Chocomint + Roche

A rainy day in Melbourne City

The purple lavender

The trees beside Argyle Square

The pigeons and the couple

Degreave Street

And these are the shots that I took in the city where they were having Children's Book Festival. The kids were drawing and scribbling at the street. They are so adorable.
The kid's grafiti

In progress

Life is full of surprises. This is not true, because life is full of surprises and CHALLENGES.

Week 5 and week 6 is gonna be scary. Tons of assignments gonna due within these two weeks. Spanish composition, Spanish culture quiz, philosophy task, biochemistry presentation, and microbiology report. Philosophy reading materials are not even included yet. Ahh, I've been through worse, bring it on. I shall fully enjoy myself during the Easter break.

...I don't wanna talk to anyone...

30 Days song challenge - Day 20 - The Song You Listen to When You're Angry

Highly explosive and challenging. This shall be it.

I am not fine.


A Brief Update

These are some of my favourite shots so far.

My mind is flooded with thousands of words. It will be a very long post if I share everything out. I am too lazy and tired to do that, so, this is gonna be a simple update in Q&A form.

How do you feel now?
I feel tired and hungry. I feel good and I feel calm. I am feeling happy with a scrap of sorrowness as always. Smiling all the time doesn't mean that I am happy.

So overall are you alright?
Yes, pretty much.

Any brief updates?
Erm, yea... I took Spanish, Philosophy, Biochemistry and Microbiology this semester. Went to Melborune city couple of times, went to the Great Ocean Road, had some really good food, had the very first backpacking experience, made a very first apple pie in my life, experienced a lot of new stuffs, and most importantly, the feeling of desire is back again, I don't wanna be alone, I be loved romantically. And oh yea, the BBQ food in Monash is freaking nice.

So how about Australia?
You mean how is it over here? Erm, lets see... Unpredictable weather, freaking awesome city plan, nice beach, pretty girls and no handsome boys, koala bears, kangaroos and wallabies, penguins, empty streets after 8pm, trams, hot and cold, beers and more beers, punctual public transport, well-mannered citizens, expensive food, awesome friends, culture diversity... Ahh, I love Australia.

Any message to the reader?
Yes, Malaysian readers, I miss you guys. My bros, I miss you guys too. My friends over here: Let the grilling begin.

Life is good. I love my life.

30 Day Song Challenge - A Song From Your Favourite Album

I don't really buy any albums. I do know a few. This is from the album 'X & Y'