101 Things To Do Before Graduate In Monash

Monash University Sunway Campus is not a big university but there are many things that you can do before you graduate. That's for sure. Here's a list of 101 things you can do in Monash before graduate.

*Disclaimer: Some of these acts haven't been through trials yet, do it at your own risk =)

1. Skip a lecture
2. Skip a tutorial/lab session
3. Eating and drinking while having lecture
4. Sleep in the front row in the lecture
5. Fake some signature for your friends
6. Lost something valuable in the campus
7. Tries all food in cafeteria no matter how bad they are
8. Sleep in the library
9. Attend a lecture that you did not enrolled in
10. Having a party in the campus
11. Stay up very late in campus until the security guards ask you to leave
12. Stay over night in the campus
13. Finish your assignment few hours before the deadline
14. Literally run around the campus
15. Talk to someone you never talked to before
16. Smile to a stranger in Monash
17. Be in MUSA
18. Be a school representatative
19. Chat with Doctors and Professors
20. Attending Monash Annual Ball
21. Walk from the 1st floor to the 7th floor in building 3
22. Cheerleading in front of freshies and seniors
23. Stay in library until it close
24. Stay in library during the weekend
25. Join a club
26. Sitting on different spots in the same lecture for the whole semester
27. Kiss someone in the campus
28. Having shower in the staff lounge
29. Step on the grass even it is against the rule
30. Making out in a tutorial room
31. Use every toilets in the campus
32. Know every name of your course mates
33. Know every name of your lecturers
34. Say 'Hey' instead of 'Hi' or 'Good morning' or 'Good afternoon' to a doctor or a professor
35. Dine in the foyer
36. Do something in the Multifaith Center
37. Stay in Women's room
38. Use the library's photocopy machine
39. Climb a tree in Monash
40. Rock climbing
41. Counting how many hot girls/guys you see in a particular day
42. Submit assignments after the due dates
43. Jog around the car park
44. Perform something with presence of the audience
45. Participate in a cause or a campaign in Monash
46. Sleep on the bean bags in the library
47. Do something awful and turned famous
48. Walk out from a lecture and not returning
49. Spoil something in the campus
50. Have free food in the campus for the whole day
51. Fall in love crazily to someone
52. Vote for student's election
53. Becoming a Buddy
54. Have lunch with different person for 5 days in a week
55. Work on an experiment longer than 4 hours
56. Study in the sky bridge
57. Laugh out loud in the library
58. Submit your exam paper before the exam end
59. Having alcoholic drinks and lards in the campus
60. Go into the animal room
61. Facebooking and tweeting during lectures
62. Meet someone new
63. Cheat during quizzes
64. Swear in front of public
65. Finish a book that borrowed from the library on the same day you borrowing it
66. Playing games in the library
67. Stay in the guard house
68. Take photos around the campus
69. Pluck a flower in the campus and give it to someone you adore
70. Get a shot of yourself in the Monga Magazine
71. Order food delivery service to Monash and have the meal there
72. Throwing birthday party for your lecturer
73. Having a lecture prank
74. Arrive in campus before 7am
75. Joking around with your lecturers and tutors
76. Participating a summer research project
77. Be a one day soloist (Sit alone, dine alone, walk alone etc etc...)
78. Sing a song loudly in the cafeteria or the foyer
79. Wearing pajamas in the campus
80. Climb over the gate instead of walk through it
90. Recycle your paper if you accidentally misprinted your stuffs
91. Playing hide and seek in the campus
92. Lie on the grass
93. Having food fight in the cafeteria
94. Use the microphone in the lecture hall with the presence of your lecturer
95. Having coffee during the exam
96. Sit with a stranger in the cafeteria
97. Stay in the sick bay or Mother's room for at least once
98. Cry in the campus
99. Steal something from the campus (toilet papers, printing papers, chemicals...)
100. Learn some new skills
101. Getting good grades

Monashians can be really awesome indeed ...

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 12 - A Song From A Band You Hate

Why bother listening to something that I hate ? So, I can't really come out with a video to share with. You can post a challenge to me if you want, and I shall post it in the next post.

I really don't know how to end a post like this, so... See you in the next post I guess.


'All In One' Post

It's been so long since the last update, because I was pretty occupied last two weeks. What I completed last two weeks were two presentations, few assignments and reports, had some fun going out, and suffered intensively when I backed to my desk.

...hours and hours I sat in front of my laptop. What I did was ...

Start the music player...

...Open the assignment and relevant folder

Open Google Chrome...

...Facebook, switch songs, checking emails, blogspot, stalking

Scopus, my.monash, Google Books, pdf...

...Type a few words, end text citation

Facebook, switch songs, checking emails, blogspot, stalking...

...Grab my guitar, play a few riffs, put it back

Open the assignment and relevant folder...

....and repeat...


I thought I suffered a lot, until my friend told me that he has 2 assignments that due on Monday and he didn't even started doing it yet, and it's already Friday today. And it excludes midterm exams, current and upcoming lab reports.

Yet, people suffers, just that what makes them suffers is different. Me ? Having 8 pages of experiment discussion to rush. The difficulty of it makes me suffer, the length it makes me suffer. A new guitar piece that I suppose to learn and play to my tutor on Sunday, I didn't even start looking at it yet. Quizzes and tests are coming, and I didn't even start my revisions yet. There's an upcoming cellular metabolism experiment that requires own designation of experiment, I didn't started the design yet. I love my university life, but I hate it when what I love turned to be my source of unhappiness.

I am a very random person. I am a little bit crazy. I noticed that I change my favours and preferences sudden and quick, and these changes are usually drastic. However, still, there are something original that existed within this drastic changes. It's like a root of a tree or the ornithine carbon skeleton of citrulline. I like different things but I like things with classic touch. I don't like things because others like it, I like things because I like it. A beautiful thing that I like will always look beautiful no matter how, even I abandoned it for so long. It applies to everything I liked so far, including girls (the 'like' like, not the 'love' like). Anyway it's just a little something about me. This also explain why classic things caught me first before a modern or a popular one.

And I am so happy that I successfully played 'He's A Pirate' without referring to sheet music. Sungha Jung is way better, I meant his technique, not his version. Ohww, the gratification when I successfully tab a song in guitar solo by myself, who can understand ? The key is lowered though, but it can be perfected with a capo. Here's the video...

Hmm, if only if I have better voice recording device and webcam.

30 Days Song Challenge - Day 10 - A song from your favourite band

Coldplay, ACDC, Gun N' Roses, Queen, Evanescence, The Beatles, The Foo Fighters, Lifehouse, My Chemical Romance, The Fray, Maroon 5, Vertical Horizon, Oasis, The Corrs, Paramore etc etc... These are all the bands that should appear in a hardcore rock music lover, like me. All of them are my favourites, selecting one song from them to share here is quite tough. Still, I decided. 'Times Like These' by The Foo Fighters. The Foo Fighters is not so famous in main stream music, but what I admire about this band is the members, they are very versatile especially the front man Dave Grohl. He was the writer, the guitarist, the bassist, the drummer, the pianist the keyboardist when the band was formed before other members joined in. This is certainly one of the best song from them in my opinion. So, try this song, who knows you might like it.

The world is a sad and miserable place, but love makes you survive.

I love what I write.