The Feeling Where...

The feeling that I felt when...
I had a very cool and satisfying Friday.

The feeling that I felt when...
I never expect we are gonna win anything but we did.

The feeling that I felt when...
I shouted very loud until I lost my voice.

The feeling that I felt when...
I was being a funny cheerleader in front of many people and some recognized me afterwards.

The feeling that I felt when...
I literally ate something that catered by Monash that almost makes me puke and still I forced myself to finish it.

The feeling that I felt when...
I slept for two hours or so with weird dreams at night and wake up very early for an energy consuming telematch from morning to noon and without any breaks, continue with 2 hours of dance class in the evening before walking home.

The feeling that I felt when...
I have four 8a.m. lectures from Monday to Thursday in this semester.

The feeling that I felt when...
I have a very crappy timetable but the timetable is way better than others.

The feeling that I felt when...
I am extremely reluctant to start a new semester.

The feeling that I felt when...
I am extremely reluctant to say goodbye to my old friends that will leave me and study abroad for very long.

The feeling that I felt when...
I forget what am I gonna do but I can't remember it.

The feeling that I felt when...
I am imitated by someone who always imitates the others and I am irritated.

The feeling that I felt when...
I am suffocated because I don't have enough space and distance for myself, including the minimal space for you to stretch your arms.

The feeling that I felt when...
I am told that our chief Buddy (2 times best chief Buddy award winner) might not wanna be a buddy anyore.

The feeling that I felt when...
I forgot the cha-cha steps and made many funny mistakes and LOL in a dance class.

The feeling that I felt when....
I am again, experienced another clueless coincidence.

The feeling that I felt when...
I saw pretty chicks smiling at me and it makes me perspire.

The feeling that I felt when...
I am wanting something so badly and working hard on it and knowing the results cannot be guaranteed.

The feeling that I felt when...
I see my favourite electric guitar and my heartbeats.

The feeling that I felt when...
I watched Harry Potter Finale and Transformer before semester starts.

The feeling that I felt when...
I failed to sleep well again and again.

The feeling that I felt when...
I wonder whether should I go for School Representative's election in the campus.

The feeling that I felt when...
I broke my mummy's heart accidentally.

The feeling that I felt when...
I miss my brother and my grandmother.

The feeling that I felt when...
I wrote this post.

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 8 - A song that you know all the words to.

Is the 'words' referring to the 'lyric' ? If it does, then the song I wanted to post is:




I Couldn't Sleep

It's 5a.m. in the morning. I was lying on the bed, with the same posture, looking at the same ceiling, thinking about the same thing, exactly like what happened on the day right before the exam. Chaos was the state of my mind, neurons hustled back and forth, generating miseries and brewing emotions. It's not easy to be strong. I couldn't sleep.

Men can never get enough for themselves and they know what they want or what the thing that went missing.

One day, I realized something's I missed something very important. Something that I heard of and rarely experienced it personally by myself. It's something very special and priceless that you have to find it yourself.

I don't want to live with regrets. I want it to colour my life. But I don't know how to find it. I had missed too much chances and lost too much thing in my life so far, I can't afford to lost more.

The worse case of insomnia is that you are exhausted mentally and physically yet you can't even close your eyes when you are lying on your bed. Sometimes it's not that I don't want to sleep early. Knowing that I can't get a good sleep (because I always think of nonsense before I sleep, not to mention some sad dreams and frequent nightmares recently), eventually I lost my guts just to sleep. That's why I never sleep on schedule anymore, I sleep when I am really really tired.

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 7 - The song that reminds me of an event.

Original singer is from Five For Fighting. Boyce Avenue did a very good cover. That's why I say electric guitar can be very sexy. I choose this song to reminds me of some unpleasant events that happened on me and I don't think I need to share it here. I love the phrase 'Even heroes have the right to bleed'.

Speaking of which...

Which colour would you choose given all other specs are equal ?








的,都是因为感情和朋友的问题。然后基于他们emo带来的震波搞到我喜欢上剧情片和爱情片。结果在朋友介绍之下看了一套很不错的爱情片:500 Days Of Summer。本来以为剧情会很闷,结果是自己低估了这部电影。这部电影周某举起双手拇指强力推介。


之前的帖子留言有网友提到:People fall in love with somebody without a reason too.

这个'Without the reason'很可能就是感觉。





30 Day Song Challenge - Day 6 - A song that reminds you of somewhere

Penny Lover给我想到的就是Monash Audi 2,这首歌是我第一次跳伦巴的歌。Audi 2 就是表演的地方。第一次的经验,要忘记也很难。


Another Story About Frog

There's a cardiac arrest-inducing prank that performed by the frogs that locate around my house during the rainy days - they like to stay overnight inside my shoes.

(There's a frog in my boots. LOL)

I still remember the reaction I got when I found a frog in my shoe for the first time. It was a school day, in the morning, around 7a.m, few years back. As usual, I put my foot into the shoe and my foot felt something very odd because it's like the size of the shoe had shrunk, not to mention the disgustingly cold and jelly-like sensation that felt by my foot. As a response, I took off my shoe and check it out. I yelled so loud as I was given the last chance to yell out loud before god take my voice away. And that wakes my family members up. It happened on me for countless times in my high school life.

After that incident, every time when I am going to wear some shoes, I will ask my brother to inspect the shoe for frogs before I wear them.

So yesterday night I was wearing my sport shoes and I left foot felt very uncomfortable, it was the exact 'the-shoe-size-is-shrunk' feeling. Somewhere in my brain told me that be prepared, because there might be a stupid frog in my shoe. But still, I am too scared to check it out myself, so I asked my friend. And he pick up my shoe, look into it, and...

'Doink' (Of course it's just the sound effect...)

A black coloured toad jump out from my shoe. I was like 2 meters away from the frog and I screamed out very loud.

Look, I've not placing any of my shoes at home for like 2 years already yet the frogs are still remembering the scent of my feet, so as my shoes. I really don't understand why the frogs and toads like my shoes so much. They never stay in my brother's or my dad's shoes before. They only stay in my shoes. Only my shoes.

Seriously, I don't like frogs sleeping in my shoes.

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 5 - A song that reminds you of someone.

I think no other songs suit the title better than this. I like many phrases from the lyric of this song.

'There's just too much the time cannot erase.'



Sometimes people hates you because of:

1. No reason. (Yes, people like this still exist)

2. You annoyed him/her.

3. Genetics.

4. You have a disease that can make everyone ill.

5. You kill his/her family.

6. You killed his/her pet.

7. The world is gonna end.

8. You, because you are being you.

9. He/She is misanthropic, he/she hates everyone.

10. You hate them first.

Sometimes it happens. People hates you. You are not born to be loved or trusted by everyone, it requires time and indirect self-promotion: why you deserve the trust and love from people. Even so, people might still hate you. This is how the world works.

Two things have to change for not being hate by someone:

1. You
2. The one who hates you

Changing yourself is hard, change the person who hates you is harder.

But always try to keep one thing in mine: always trust your instincts and always ask yourself what did you do wrong. Trusting yourself and asking yourself is helpful in REMINDING you that you are changing.

I don't believe hatred can be last forever. People changes to be better.


Recently I've been listening to some rock music, just like what I did when I was in high school. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Oasis, Muse, etc etc... I find that vintage electric guitars are really cool. I am so gonna save up some money to buy one. So here's the 5 guitars with reasonable price that I found. Pretty babes aren't they ? Not to mention how nice is the tone yet. I almost salivate when I saw them. Makes me think of Pavlov's experiment on classical conditioning.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro Faded Worn Cherry
Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded Worn Cherry
Gibson Les Paul Studio 60's Tribute Goldtop
Gibson Les Paul Raw Power Goldtop
Gibson Les Paul Junior Satin Cherry

Ohhwww, they are just so pretty aren't they ? Birthday present, Christmas Present, or Graduation present ? We shall see, how much god loves me or how much I love myself. Getting myself one of these babes is one of the thing to be done to fulfill my life. Which one is nicer ?

If only if I can get one of these...

30 Day Song Challenge - Day 4 - A Song That Makes You Sad

You're My Everything by Santa Esmeraida. I think this song does make me sad when I listen to it. Mainly because of the lyric and tone of this song. This is quite a song for Rhumba dance too. Feel free to sadden yourself with this song.

Music has a genre, has its key, has its beat, has its tone, has its story, but music doesn't has an age.