Best Of The Year 2010

Since the year 2010 is coming to an end soon(OMG, it's December already !!), I would like to share my list of (blank) of the year. To me, 2010 was quite a decent year because I meet new friends, getting better with old friends and I am successfully getting reasonable result to get my ass into Monash University. Ha, I think this would be quite a significant year in my life.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I now present to you my list of 'The Best Of The Year 2010'.

Person of The Year: You.
'You' doesn't stand for specific individuals. Whoever who read this post and know me and make my year wonderful and meaningful, whoever that assisted me and helped me, cheered me up, loves me, befriends me, you are my 'Person Of The Year'. I hereby to say thank you to you all.

Number of The Year: 1
I choose 1 because it's also symbolizes first. I had many of my 'first' in the year 2010. First semester in university, first timer in psychology and stats, visiting new places for the 1st time, and experienced some odd and strange feelings for the first time.

Place of The Year: Monash University
Ha! Without any doubt, Monash University Sunway Campus definitely crowns this title. I spend about 6-8 hours a day in this place EVERYDAY, sometimes I even spend 10 hours or more in the campus when I were rushing my lab reports and finishing the endless assignments. It's just like my second home. I promised myself I have to fully explore and utilize the campus and its' facilities. And yes, I am going to join some clubs next year instead of being a nerd.

Restaurant of The Year: Face To Face
Ah...The noodle shop. I visited this place for quite a few times in this year with Anson, Gabrial, Zoey and YHoi. And there was one time with Go too. The food there is simply delicious. Since that is the place that I frequently had my dinner, Face To Face noodle restaurant shall be titled as my 'Restaurant of The Year'.

Food of The Year: Snowflake Best Seller (Cold)
This is my source of energy. And this food is more to dessert than main course. After I had my dinner in SS15, I always have a cup of this tongue bud-stimulating iced dessert. It contains a layer of herbal jelly, a few Taro balls, a spoonful of milky creamer and more importantly, the ice flakes that never melt. The first feeling that I felt when I ate this dessert was heaven-like, the consecutive one are beyond heaven-like. It's just too delicious. This is also the food that always make Anson shake his head and say: 'Shiok'.

Beverage of The Year: Coffee
Feel tired and have heavy 'Monday-Blue' feelings? A cup of coffee can do the magic. At least to me. With the sweet and bitter aroma stream through your esophagus, and Voila, tiredness and unpleasant fatigues that stop you from having a fresh day? GONE ! In the year 2010, I had many many cans and cups of coffee to keep myself fresh. With the rate of a cup a day, coffee is definitely my beverage of the year. I can't help, coffee is just too convenient in Monash.

Movie of The Year: Inception
This is probably one of the greatest movie that I ever watch. The storyline, actors, graphics, effects and soundtracks are simply amazing. Christopher Nolan and Leonardo Di Caprio for the win.

Epic Moment of The Year: Last second 3 Pointer from Yong Hoi
Venue: Sunway University College Basketball Court. Time: Can't be specific, it's afternoon. Event: MUFY Games Basketball Final.
It's been a tough game. We won every game with easy victory, but not the final. We were in a very bad form and both teams are suffering from fatigue and hot temperature. We were few points down and our oppositions were just too good and they were very tall. And with our strong spirit and determination, we fought back and it's only 1 point left to level the score. With only 3 seconds left, Yong Hoi scored an epic long distance shot when it counted to zero. He was on fire and he scored the rest for our team and we got the medal. What a superb come back and it's epic.

I am quite lazy to complete my full list since there are still many 'Best' stuffs for me to write in the year of 2010. But definitely, great memories shall never fade. I hereby wish everyone who read this Merry X'mas and Happy New Year.

With love,