It's been an amazing journey of life for the past few months. Ups and downs of course. Well, up, mostly.


Firstly, I got myself a job and I am surprised that I got the job.

Getting a job is exciting but working life is not easy at all. I have to wake up early in the morning (I don't get to skip my job like I skip my class while I was still a student), struggle through traffics, rushing my footsteps to the office to face paperwork that I am not bothered to judge whether if they are interesting or not. It's not easy to be a salesperson. Planning, persistence, patience, confidence and communication skills are needed and I am surprised that I manage to survive after almost four months. I never thought that I would ended up in this field when I was younger.

Well, I think, no matter what job you are having, the most important thing is to always keep ourselves learning and keep enhancing ourselves. Working takes up a lot of our time, but we really shouldn't let it kills off our passions. Working has never stopped me from doing the things I like. I still read, write, dance, playing my guitars, spending time studying chess games and still trying to discover new things to learn.

Life is meaningless without passion, and we should not stop living our life with passion.


Secondly, I met an amazing girl. She is the most incredible girl I have ever met.

I knew this girl from the dance club. Few months ago, I barely knew this girl and not even well-acquitted with her. I just knew that she is a very good dancer with good musicality. She is so passive and quiet, but it did not take me long to notice that she is a very mentally-wholesome girl.

Long story short, I fell in love. We fell in love.

It's not easy to find a girl that can make you feel so much. When she's the reason behind your smile, your hard works, your sacrifices, your happiness, your worries, and the love that you are giving, you know that she is the right one. It is not easy to find a person that loves you back wholeheartedly and truthfully, but I am lucky and grateful because I found one.

It is amazing to see myself grow so much and change so much (positively) for a person.

I am in love, deeply, and I never felt this way before.


Can we quantify love? Should we quantify love?

Love is love, in it's purest form. It doesn't matter how much you can give, and how much you get in return (even there's no return in the end). Once it's given sincerely and truthfully, it is love. It would be ridiculous to say something like "I love you three kilograms today since I owe you three kilograms of love last week. Can you give me six kilograms of love next month?"

Love is not a trade, love is a gift, and it is okay to not give love back if there's a good reason. It has to be given voluntarily and truthfully, that's what makes love special. If you love someone, you shouldn't worry if you can love them back the same way they love you or not. Why? It's simple, because love cannot be quantify.

Life is simple. If you think you are capable of loving them and you love them, just love them.


Oh, I am addicted to Chinese songs again.


Random Thoughts, Again.

"Beautiful things don't ask for attention."

I saw this statement when I was watching the movie 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'. It's a very inspiring movie.

Why would a man risking his life, spending tons of money to achieve a small task that required by his superior in the company? Sometimes, life is more than just that. Life is about passion. We have to love the things we do, or else it's going to be pointless even though we can excel in it.

Everyone was once young and beautiful, full of passions, filled with love and givings. Life is cruel, time kills them all sometimes. The only thing to keep life passionate is to be persevere. Life is hard, but most of the time, those little things that seems unimportant to us are the things that changes us, or at least, keep out passion alive.


"The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back."

Saw this beautiful quote on the feed from Facebook. This is one of the quotes that I will remember forever. We are ordinary people with emotions and feelings. We all know that our lives are our time, and we know that no matter how long you live, time is precious. Spending time on people is like an investment. It's certainly not worthwhile to spend time on someone we dislike

Nonetheless, sometimes it might not be worthy to invest time in someone we like too. Why? Because in the end what you spend might not give you anything in return - it's like you paid for your lunch but it will never be served.

But is it true though? Why would people still spend time to people even though they knew things can never be sure? Why should people invest time on something that's no absolute answer? Well, it might seems like I'm having circular reasoning but the reason why people still giving is that people believe, people love, and people desire.

Life is full of maybes and there can be good maybes and bad maybes. What would happen, only time can answer.

Would I give my time to you? Regardless of what might be happening in the end, for beautiful things, I will.


p/s: I feel like The Beatles, everything in this blog is about love. The Beatles has 12 studio records with the title that contains love, and hundreds and hundreds of 'love' appeared in their songs in their record in history.

Nothing to do here.


By the way. New babe in the house. Daphne Blue finish, maple neck, maple fingerboard, Duncan Design Pickup, Two Point Synchrnize Tremolo with Block Saddle. She's not hot, but she is pretty.






比如说去看演唱会。今年去看了好几个演唱会。美国乐团One Republic,韩国吉他天才Sungha Jung和苏格兰的Franz Ferdinand全都没有错过,逼近以前读书时错过的东西实在是太多了。

再比如说,今年和朋友有过两次road trip。一次是去停泊岛,一次是去槟岛。很久都没有和朋友去旅游了,直到今年。





再比如说,今年成功结束大学生涯,顺顺利利地毕业了。参加毕业典礼的感觉怪怪的,又分欢喜,但就是不知道少了什么,因该是当时有点紧张吧。不过话说回来,这次倒有点可惜,因为时间的关系,典礼结束后错过了和course mate合照的机会。一生人就毕业那一次,到最后来还是错过了和朋友的毕业照。 



Life is like a unsolved jigsaw puzzle. We look for the missing pieces everyday when we are 'moving on' with life. We look and look, and there are a lot of pieces that we are looking for. We have pieces like opportunities, we have wealth, we have love, we have friends, we have jobs and we have all sorts of pieces everywhere. We all know that it is not easy to find the right piece for our own puzzle, because there are just too much missing pieces and there are a lot of pieces that seems like fitting in but doesn't. We pick it up, we fit them in. If it doesn't fit in, we move one and look for another piece. It's is not an easy job to solve this big puzzle, it is a tedious job. Nonetheless, for the perfect masterpiece, finding the right puzzle piece for your life is definitely worthwhile. These pieces might seems very abstract. Yes, but you will know whether this piece is meant for you by how you feel about it.

I think I found the missing piece that belongs to me.


30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 9 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

She is my mum, do I need to say more? Love her and always will.


The Paradox of Love

There are so many chances in life. Sometimes they can be very transient and sometimes they can be staying for very long. Sometimes, chances pretend like they are meant for you, but they are not. Sometimes, you might be surprised by those uninviting chances.

I talked to a friend recently. He told me that we should only fall for a person if we know him/her well enough. It's not a process that happens instantly. It's no Harry Potter magic.

I used to believe in what he said - true love takes time to happen...

...Which is somewhat true.


A love that happens too fast is still love right?
Love isn't measured by how fast people fall for each other right?
A bridge is a bridge regardless how fast it is built. No?

I used to believe that love is a sacred thing...

...Which is still true.


If love is really sacred, why do breakups and divorces happen?
Isn't it a responsibility to keep sacred things alive?

I used to believe that falling in love is difficult. It takes two compatible heart to fall in love, and it takes time to find a compatible heart....

...Which is indisputably true.


Indisputably true? What if both of us fell easily in love?

How about love at first sight? It happens right?

If both never been through stumbles and obstacles, does it mean that the love isn't true?

What if one day I decided to find a compatible heart and it took me 1 hour to find it?

How can we be sure that that's the compatible heart?

How do we even know?

I used to believe that love is so sacred that the first person you fall for, or the first person you love, should be the person that going to be loved by you forever...

...I wish this can be a solid true but it's not.


This is not a solid wrong too.
It's true because we shouldn't simply give our special love to everyone.
It explains love is sacred.

If love is sacred, why do we keep falling in for another one after we fell out from love?
It's not true because we do fall out from love.
Not every first love last forever.

I used to believe that we should let the stream leads us to where we belong, and if it belongs to you it will return....


If you see a beautiful shore along the stream,
would you hop off from the stream to stay?

If you do choose to stay and you stayed forever,
isn't it violating the idea where faith has a plan for us?

If you do choose to stay and you stayed forever,
it's our choice to make it happened instead of faith. No?

If we see someone we love, we fight for the love that we deserve.
It's not faith but a choice. No?
If we succeed, isn't it violating the idea where faith has a plan for us?

...What a beautiful paradox of love.

"Love is hard" - James Morrison


I don't know which is true anymore because I think there is no true or false in this.
Life was supposed to be simple.

I see the things we want in life, I fight for them.

We see love, we fight for love.

I see you, I choose to fight for you.

30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 8 - A Picture That Makes You Laugh

The missing person in the photo was JY. He is coming back soon anyway. End of story. We've miss him enough.


Be Vulnerable

"We have to be vulnerable to love and to be loved."

The above statement is true. If we are not emotionally vulnerable, there is no point to be in love or be loved. We feel happy and content when there's love. If we are not emotionally vulnerable, we can't feel the happiness from love, and there comes the point, what's love without feeling? Same goes with sadness. Being ignored, being hurt and being angered are all bad emotions, but it is okay to feel sad because that's part of love, that's part of our life. We are ordinary and we shall have feelings.

This is a short post yet I wish it makes sense to you.

These are the few shots that I particularly love...

The Silver Lining - Captured in Publika during a lunch session with some very good friends.

The Loner - Captured this during my stay in Melbourne. I love the contrast of this photo in which the loner was holding the umbrella and on the left there is a group of men walking in the same direction, not bothered by the drizzles.

Sunday morning on a Wednesday noon - This was a very very nice cup of coffee and I take this uniquely.

This was captured in a rainy day and I was stuck in the traffic. I love red colour.

... and yes I am fine.


30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 7 - A Picture of Your Most Treasured Item

Yes, this is my first electric guitar and my 7th guitar. First love is always the best. This is an Epiphone Casino and I get this from the promotion. It features two P90 pickups and and full hollow body. This model is famously owned by Gary Clark Jr,.John Lennon, and the rest of The Beatles. Paul McCartney once said that he will choose Epiphone Casino if he has to pick only one guitar to live with for the rest of his life.

You don't have to be a good player to see how beautiful this guitar is, because she is beautiful, or more precise, sexy.



I don't wanna be a tourist, I wanna be a traveler.









30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 6 - A Picture of Your Favorite Book

Not sure if this is my favourite book, but I choose this based on the list of books I have here on my desk. Regardless of how I choose this, this book is definitely one of my favourites. This book is delicious, touching, and inspiring in some way. It gave me an idea about why people are different and why it is okay to be different from other people. Yes, this is a very very good read and I am very sure that I am going to read this book again.

Know what? This book was only 5 dollars and it's a hardcover book. Totally worth it.

"Thin Blue Smoke is an epic redemption tale, the story of two men coming to terms with their pasts. It is also a novel about faith, race, storytelling, bourbon, the language of rabbits, and the finer points of barbecue technique."

I highly addictive page-flipper I would say.









当时相信很多人都不以为然,毕竟只不过是新会员,也不是没有见过新会员第一次做Spartan的热身。可是我很好奇,当时的我也只知道她的名字叫Yue Fang,姓什么,从哪里来,读什么course一点也不知道。我只知道的是,这个叫羽芳的女生每天和其他人说话都眼睛眯眯地,傻里傻气地笑着。

就有一次,像往常一样,大家在热身后练习舞技(俗称Corners)。当时我注意到羽芳在当天的练习时说话特别大声。每一个动作后都转过头看着朋友傻笑。很多时候也不知道她在说什么。其中一个要练习的技术是跳和跃。这个羽芳,跳得很奇怪也很笨拙,看起来好像一只很想学会飞的企鹅。当然,跳完之后她还是气喘喘地坐在Sook Kuan的旁边,又继续傻笑聊天。终于,我忍不住用广东话和她开了一个玩笑:“喂,你偷鸡啊...”。那时候她有点不好意思地看着我,可是她还是在傻笑着。那次之后就开始和她谈得来了。


“来,Sook Kuan,我们cincai去摇一下就可以了”











记得有一次,羽芳好像在埋怨着她的身材和那个烦人的牙齿矫正器。结果我就开玩笑地告诉她:“哎呀,忍忍几个月吧。几个月之后就像Jessica Alba了。”

几个月后,矫正器拿开了,加上跳舞燃烧掉的卡路里,羽芳还是没有变成Jessica Alba。但是不得不说,羽芳变得更加可爱了。

“果然变成了Jessica Alba。”,见到她我开玩笑地说。







30 Days Photo Challenge - Day 5 - A Picture of Your Favourite Memory.

This is actually a hard one. There are so many good memories that I remember, yet so little photos were taken for these good memories. Note that it is 'memory' not 'memories', I have to pick one to post here out of all my favourites. I am in the mood for beach now, so...

My stay in Sydney was one of my favourites. I particularly like this shot. Not long (few minutes) after this photo was taken my camera was spoiled for unknown reason. It was a waste that all the good things that I experienced in Australia were forced to be eternalized in the form of memories, instead of photos. But hey, isn't our eyes equivalent to the camera lens and the brain equivalents to the memory card?